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One of the beauties of a website is its flexible nature. As your business grows or some services take prominence over others, you can easily change your website—add a page, update some content, reorganize a menu—to make sure you are meeting your audience’s needs. To best take advantage of that flexibility, you need to know what is working well on your site, where your audience is clicking and how they are accessing your site.

We can take that knowledge and make tweaks and changes to the website strategy so it evolves with your audience needs. We can test different approaches and make more changes as needed. You don’t have to love spreadsheets to get the benefit from these statistics. We’ll help you make sense of the numbers because analytics are the best way to ensure a return on investment and make educated decisions. It’s proactive marketing at its best.

We have a variety of tools at our disposal that can tell us precisely what is happening on your website, social media, or with your email marketing campaigns. We can use those tools to tell you where people are clicking on your site, how long they stay on pages and what the most popular pages are. Services such as Google Analytics give us valuable insight into your online marketing efforts, site traffic, and search engine optimization. There is a lot of data available, so much data in fact that many businesses or marketing managers find it overwhelming. This is where TBH Creative can help.

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  • Monitor your statistics and analytics
  • Stay on-top of results 
  • Provide a clear report of important information
  • Share our top three recommendations or concerns

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