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Your website might be able to do more than you think

Creative design. Strong content. Clean code. These are the building blocks of a successful website. But sometimes you need a little more. Interactive forms, secure membership areas, reporting tools and content management systems are just a few examples of applications that turn a website into a tool that makes your business more productive. In today’s world, more and more business transactions are conducted, stored or maintained online by connecting web pages to backend database systems.

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During the strategy and planning session, applications may have been identified that would help your company do business online. We’ll pull those out and have a separate meeting to determine the specific functionality of each application. It’s sort of like building a house – you need to tell the electricians where to put the outlets, the plumber where to put the sink – in this case you need to tell our developer where to put the buttons and what results you want to achieve. Don’t worry, this meeting won’t be too techie, you’ll tell us in everyday terms what you want to see and we’ll take it from there.

Our development team will take your functionality requirements and using appropriate technology build your application. Sometimes this requires database development, other instances require fitting your website into a third-party existing application. We can handle whatever your application requires. As part of the development process, we will thoroughly test, document and test again until everything is working smoothly.

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  • Custom management tools
  • Online forms
  • Interactive map
  • Reporting systems
  • Internal communication applications
  • Membership or secure areas
  • Resource centers

Whether you need a custom application or are better served by something “out of the box”—our team loves the challenge of developing applications.

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