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Marketing website and phased product application development supports business growth

Tracking Football hired TBH Creative for full-service, strategic digital marketing, helping with everything from application development and website redesigning to social media graphics and branding.


  • Improve website user experience with personas research and content reorganization
  • Create marketing assets to promote the product and help with sales

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Marketing website design and front-end development

Tracking Football hired TBH Creative to improve their underperforming website and create new “must-have” custom online functionality to ensure business growth with their product.

Leveraging buyer personas research as our guide, TBH Creative refined Tracking Football’s website content and structure to better explain the product and improve the overall user experience.

Within the first weeks after launching these changes, the results were immediate. The Tracking Football team started to get more leads and the sales and demo process got easier because they didn’t have to spend as much time explaining the product.

Tracking Football site displayed on a tablet
Tracking Football desktop homepage web design
Home page design
Why web page
App dashboard design
Player profile app view
Team profile app view


667% closed won leads

within three years of website launch

Website redesign improves lead generation and increases contacts

70% demo requests

within three years of website launch

Website redesign grows demo requests and helps drive conversions

86% revenue

within two years of website launch

Website redesign supports marketing goals and grows revenue

"TBH Creative knows our business, and they make sure we cover details like SEO optimization and user experience. Tatum and her team don’t just do a surface-level job. They give you 100%—every time."

Mark Branstad
Mark Branstad, Founder and CEO

About Tracking Football

Tracking Football is the only scouting service available that gives football teams access to independently verified data on key athletic performance statistics, like track and field data, in an easy-to-use format.