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In today’s world all website designs need to consider how they look and work on smart phones and tablets. The percentages of people viewing your website on a mobile device or tablet is likely increasing each month. Is your site meeting their needs as well as those who are accessing your site via the traditional desktop computer? Even if you’re not ready for a site redesign, we recommend you consider a mobile recoding project.

You've invested in a strong website—make sure it reaches your market wherever they are. Look at a few of our mobile projects below and see how a mobile solution makes a big difference on a small screen. 

Why make sure you are mobile-friendly?

Cell phones, tablets and other handheld devices are becoming more and more prevalent in the business world. People – your customers – are conducting business, researching information and communicating on these devices. It’s important that your website gives a good overall experience to its mobile visitors. The site should satisfy their needs no matter how they access it. A mobile-friendly site will load faster, look better, and be easier to navigate on a mobile device.

Responsive designs to respond to your audience

A step beyond the mobile-friendly website is a site with a responsive design. A responsive design project does not necessarily mean a complete redesign of your website. It does, however, require rebuilding the code that makes your website work and creating three or more flexible layouts of your page content to best meet the needs of your audience. Responsive websites display a functional, attractive layout to all users on any size screen. It’s a seamless way to make sure all of your users have the best experience.

How TBH does it

TBH Creative typically recommends to start with a responsive coding solution for your website. This requires that your design be strategic and well-thought for flexibility at major breakpoints and that your website will look good on handheld devices. We code responsively using fluid layout and three breakpoints page structure to accommodate desktop, tablet and mobile screen sizes. To allow for the best user experience, the different breakpoints display a revised layout. 

After your mobile website is ready or as a separate project, we will explore the need for a mobile application or additional mobile features.

Keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing mobile market is just one of the things TBH Creative brings to the table. We’ll make sure your website responds to smart technology in equally intelligent ways. 

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