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Well-thought-out website allows researchers to share their scientific breakthroughs

The Indiana Biosciences Research Institute came to TBH Creative for help defining their users’ preferences to make website improvements focused on improving communication and engagement.


  • Modern web design and development
  • Intuitive navigation and content reorganization fixes
  • Web content enhancements
  • Content management system set up and staff training

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A businessman uses his iPad to browse IBRI’s 2018 annual report

Online annual report

TBH Creative created a new microsite to help IBRI present its 2018 annual report online in a fluid and engaging way.

Using flexible templates and reusable components, TBH Creative helped build a customized web-based home for showing off IBRI’s latest successes and achievements using bold visuals and meaningful storytelling.

2020 Gold Aster Award Winner

IBRI desktop homepage web design
June Javens-Wolfe bio page
Templin lab web page
Scientific areas page
Kalwat lab web page
News list page


23% website visitors

within first year after site launch

Website redesign increases overall traffic from target audience

57% website traffic

within first year after site launch

Redesigned careers page attracts more potential job hunters

“TBH Creative helped us set up our website, take its annual report online and establish an online system for giving. Along the way, TBH also provided marketing strategy and support. Through it all, the responsiveness from the team has been outstanding. The knowledge they share is fantastic.”

Lisa Soard Indiana Biosciences Research Institute director of communications.
Lisa Soard, Executive Director of Communications and Engagement

About Indiana Biosciences Research Institute

At the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute, interdisciplinary teams of scientists work together to advance research in biomedical engineering, nanotechnology and other high-tech disciplines in order to capture discoveries and help speed the process from development to market.