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Technology, data, and business management consulting firm launches next-gen brand with custom website design

As part of their rebranding effort, KSM Consulting hired TBH Creative to design and develop a website that would introduce their new brand, Resultant. TBH Creative built the new site to support the company’s rapid growth trajectory and help them better serve their customers and streamline internal staff workflows. 


  • Define how to use the new brand elements digitally
  • Increase brand preference for those who work with KSM Consulting now, and Resultant in the future
  • Define various components on the website to generate marketing leads in support of Resultant’s aggressive growth and business goals
  • Build a robust Careers section to help build a pipeline of top talent
  • Drive prospect, partner, and customer engagement with Resultant thought leadership elements build in across pages

Tell us about your project.

Brand evolution to web

TBH came alongside KSMC during the early stages of their new Resultant rebrand development, translating basic elements into an array of effective web-ready assets. Along with broadening the rebrand to incorporate deeper digital design thinking, TBH integrated color tweaks to meet WCAG 2.0 AA standards and ensure proper usage — while remaining true to the brand essence overall.

Key takeaways—

  • ADA — Meets WCAG 2.0 AA standard
  • Digital extension development of rebrand
Resultant color palette meets WCAG 2.0 AA standards
From conversion points and form submits to conversations

Conversion focus and enablement

To help realize ambitious sales goals, we built several means to improve the conversion rate throughout the new site. The site is designed to drive more traffic and work hand-in-hand with their extensive marketing and promotion plan. Additionally, conversion points and form submits were crafted more like ‘conversations’ to help connect more readily with new users showing interest on the site.

The project also included:

  •  Forms, or an option for a form, available on all pages,
  • Optional sticky CTA buttons that allow for ever-present form submits
  • Prominently designed and positioned consultation button


Repurposable alert tool to introduce rebrand

TBH created a popup alert tool incorporating first party site cookies designed to recognize returning visitors and ease any confusion around the KSMC to Resultant rebrand. The alert modal appears just once, then deactivates for future visits. In continuing with the site’s conversational bent, the tool features a video introducing the new site and rebrand deepening engagement. Best of all, post rebrand, the tool can be reutilized for future short-term announcements.

Website alert to announce company name change
Resultant website design
Insights web page
Careers web page
Blog web page
Blog detail web page

“Your client experience impressed and delighted me again and again. Thank you!”

Mary Catharine Grau
Mary Catharine Grau, Vice President of Brand

About Resultant

Resultant partners with public- and private-sector clients to help them overcome their most complex challenges and empower them to drive meaningful change in their organizations and communities.