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Redesigned software company website improves lead generation

With technology always growing and changing, software companies need websites as flexible as their products. Indigo BioAutomation worked with TBH Creative to create a robust website featuring improved graphics, stronger content, and enhanced functionality to grow their business online.


  • Flexible, fully-responsive web design
  • Visually presentation of complex processes
  • Better descriptions of key services

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TBH Creative shot stock photography to enhance Indigo BioAutomation’s website, print collateral, and more.
Man viewing data using Indigo BioAutomation on his laptop
Researcher holding a sample
Researcher measuring a sample
Researcher analyzing a sample

Graphic design

TBH Creative helps Indigo BioAutomation create a variety of print marketing collateral to support the company’s sales process. Work includes:

  • One-pagers and brochures
  • Magazine advertisements
  • Whitepapers
  • Posters
Print magazine ad for Indigo BioAutomation
Indigo BioAutomation desktop homepage web design
Product detail web page
Contact web page

“Starting from our very first meetings, the TBH Creative team were extremely engaged and interested in understanding the messages we wanted to communicate. TBH worked efficiently to lay down the framework, and made sure that we had ample opportunity to contribute content; they were also able to help us ‘tune’ our language for more effective communication. The new website was launched exactly when we needed it to be, and so far, it has received rave reviews from both our internal stakeholders as well as customers. We credit TBH and its professionalism with helping us launch a website whose style and content align very well with our business goals.”

jim edwards headshot
Jim Edwards, VP of Product Management

About Indigo BioAutomation

Indigo BioAutomation provides automated data analysis solutions for big data problems. Indigo BioAutomation delivers cloud-based tools that eliminate the need for human inspection of laboratory data in a variety of industries.