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Telling a powerful story online

Since 2010, TBH Creative has supported the Megan S. Ott Foundation through in-kind web design and marketing services. Our goal is to provide them with solid marketing support so they can focus on telling their story and helping families. Our relationship has included everything from brand and logo development to designing and hosting their website.  Most recently our work has included responsive design and enhanced content with video production.

It is important that the Foundation be able to communicate with prospective donors, volunteers and grant recipients via any platform. TBH Creative stepped in to update their website and make sure it is presented clearly and with a strong identity whether viewed on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. We also took this opportunity to enhance the content on the website to include videos that tell their story in a more compelling fashion.

First hired: 2011

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Video Storytelling

Videos empower the Foundation to better tell their story, engage with their audience and elicit action. Because of content like this, visitors are staying on the site 34% longer than they were the year before. Using this video as a public service announcement has helped attract 47% more visitors than before as well.


Increasing online donations

As with any not-for-profits, the Megan S. Ott Foundation seeks donations to aid their efforts supporting families who are fighting a day-by-day battle against breast cancer. We made their donation form easy to use on any platform, integrated it with the website and created a public service announcement to help them solicit donations.

Making sure the site works well for all users

Updating the site design to work well on any platform – mobile, tablet or desktop – ensures that the Foundation can effectively communicate with a broader audience

The Megan S. Ott foundation is fortunate to have found TBH Creative.  With the knowledge, guidance, and support from TBH Creative team we have been able to build our on-line presence. Not only do they host our website, but they give thought, detail, and input into our content and everything that goes into our website making sure we get the maximum exposure.  The team could not be easier to work with and they seem to always want to help in any way possible which is hard to find.  We are honored to work with TBH Creative and look forward to working with them for years to come.

Nicole Carnahan
Nicole Carnahan

About Megan S. Ott Foundation

The Megan S. Ott Foundation is the legacy of Megan Snyder Ott. Megan envisioned an organization that would provide financial support and "sunshine" to families fighting the battle of breast cancer.