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Custom web design enhances marketing initiatives and cohesion of brand 

TBH Creative and Lushin's collaboration started as assistance with small requests and website questions, evolving into a full website redesign and HubSpot partnership.

Through discovery and a phased approach to solving their web and marketing goals, TBH Creative supports Lushin’s business goals through website design, digital marketing support, and HubSpot services. This included providing new illustrations, brand assets, web development support, and HubSpot best practices.


  • Brand uniformity and modern web design
  • Custom HubSpot website development 
  • Clear user navigation and upgraded resource module
  • Centralize hub for marketing initiatives 
  • HubSpot website configuration for easy ongoing in-house management

Tell us about your project.

Collage of Lushin email marketing elements

How do you create a must-read email newsletter?


Lushin needed new templates and content direction guidance for structured email newsletters. Their old emails used an off-brand design and embedded all of the content into one image, making each message large to deliver and not accessible to users without images turned on.

In addition to fixing these problems, the revamped email format required a fresh strategy. TBH Creative helped with planning and redirection. After identifying that there were differing content needs of the newsletters’ target audiences (prospective vs. existing coaching clients), we proposed complementary variations using the same template that was not only engaging but also designed to include content that would enhance the reputations of Lushins’ coaches, positioning them as thought leaders and experts in sales training.


The updated monthly email newsletters’ template project included the design and development of layouts with flexible components, as well as content calendar planning and quality assurance support testing. TBH Creative worked side-by-side with Lushin’s marketing team on a wide range of unforgettable campaign assets to complete the objectives.

To ensure continued quality, Lushin has continued its email marketing partnership with TBH Creative.

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“TBH Creative is the only web design company we have ever worked with that does what they say they can do.  Nothing is challenging for them. We are always on track with the schedule and on track on budget, and they help manage us vs. us having to keep them on track. Their wide range of capabilities means that nothing is “tough” or too big for them to complete.”

brian kavicky
Brian Kavicky, Vice President

About Lushin

Lushin helps business owners and sales leaders achieve their fullest potential. The Lushin team offers nationwide sales training programs and management consulting for sales, leadership, and personal growth.