Kennedy C. Smith

Web & Marketing Assistant

A recent graduate of Purdue University, Kennedy is a creative and innovative thinker who brings a diverse set of skills to the TBH Creative team.

Kennedy is always ready to do what it takes to help keep the ball moving. She manages social media, writes blog posts, assists with website production tackles small graphic design tasks, and handles client support requests.

What to expect when working with Kennedy

Communication, planning, and a smile. She’s curious about your ideas and will help you keep your project on track using a few spreadsheets along the way.

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“Authenticity, adaptability, and a motivated mindset can help all people, groups, and companies communicate their messages to the world.”

Name one thing you wish clients already knew or understood.

Transparency is key when communicating what you desire as the outcome of your marketing campaign or website redesign project. 

What do you do when you're not sitting in front of a computer?

Disconnect from the world. My greatest passion is spending time outdoors. Whether I am hanging in a hammock or taking my pack into the backcountry, I am always ready for some fresh air. Bonus points if I can bring my pup with me!

At the end of the day, what makes you smile?

The look on my dog’s face when I ask him if he wants to go in the car.



Chicago, IL


Coffee or tea
Coffee—always coffee


Favorite Food


Favorite Trip
Royal National Park, Australia


Favorite Color
Pantone Glacier Gray


4 miniature-horse-sized dogs


Purdue University


Favorite Movie
Johnny Tsunami

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