For Glenda, images are everything and helping clients use photography to create a mood, set the tone, or elicit a feeling is one of her favorite things to do. After spending too many years at a desk, Glenda happily took the leap to let her creative brain do more than just write music in the evenings. Now she spends her days planning photo shoots and seeing the world through a camera lens and she couldn't be happier. Glenda has the talent to capture the perfect set of photos for a website or digital marketing campaign. 

What does Glenda wish her clients already knew?

"Quality images take time, patience and a skillset that's mastered over many years. When you see a perfect image, it took a photographer hours to get it just right and then more time to edit it to perfection. It's a process that's worth the investment of both money and time."

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"I see the entire world as a photo opportunity and I love bringing out the personalities of my subjects."