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An upgraded look to match new business initiatives

It’s a common problem: your business grows, you add new standards, your team has their hands full dealing with the everyday aspects of business and before you know it, your website is drastically out of date. It’s time for a website redesign from the bottom up—new architecture, updated design elements and new content.

This was certainly the case for Strategic Materials. They knew the website was one of their primary “faces” in the marketplace but they had let it get behind the times. They came to TBH Creative wanting to start with a sound strategy and then move into new design and content.


  • Better organize and present thought leadership resources, and allow for growth as content library expands
  • Custom application to manage facility locations and map searching
  • Updated, responsive website design to enhance their brand

Tell us about your project.


TBH Creative provided website photography services and staged product shots at Strategic Materials’ Indianapolis facility to their showcase recycling services and processes.

Custom photo of blue glass for recycling
Custom photo of colored glass pieces
Custom photo of green bottle for recyling
Custom photo of clear bottles for recyling
Strategic Materials homepage desktop web design
Specialty Glass web page
Culture web page
Spanish language microsite web page

“TBH Creative proved to be both talented in design and diligent in project management. The combination of these skills led to a new website that I am extremely proud of. Tatum and her team were a joy to work with and I look forward to working with them again on our next project.”

jimmy rayford headshot
Jimmy Rayford, Chief Commercial Officer

About Strategic Materials

With 40 plants across North America, Strategic Materials is the largest glass recycler on the continent. Recycled materials from Strategic Materials are utilized to create a wide range of products used in daily life, including fiberglass insulation, food and beverage containers, reflective materials, and other consumer and industrial products.