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Web Developer

Kayleigh first came to TBH Creative as a freelance developer. We liked her work so much that we convinced her to join our team full time. She’s great at pounding out code but it’s her thoroughness that makes her work special.

What to expect when working with Kayleigh

Clear communication and attention to detail. Like the rest of us here at TBH Creative, listening is one of Kayleigh’s best skills. She’s not afraid to take the time to understand a client’s needs and present the best solution.

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"I love the variety of clients and industries we work with. It keeps things interesting from one project to the next."

What do you love about your job?

I love the accomplishment I feel when a project is finished, knowing I helped make something that will help a company be more successful.

Name one thing you wish clients already knew or understood.

That we have the same goal as they do: to help their business succeed.

At the end of the day, what makes you smile?

My husband and my cats!


South Bend, Indiana


Coffee or tea
Coffee, black


Favorite Food


Favorite Color


Two cats, Dynamo & Nina


Bowling Green State University


Favorite Movie
Tie between Jurassic Park, Almost Famous, & Labyrinth


Favorite Animal
Snow leopard

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