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Adaptable, customizable web development

TBH developed Midwest Studios' first website in 2008. That website used our proprietary content management system (CMS) and over the years we have added several custom functionality pieces. Most recently we helped them plan a full website upgrade project including developing a website strategic plan, implementing a redesign, adding responsive coding, and focusing on custom application development.

First and foremost the site needs to display the model work and animations that Midwest Studios can do for their clients. However, the marketing capabilities of Midwest Studios go far beyond model work. They provide computer animation, 3D printing, museum models, custom mobile apps and more. In effect, the team at Midwest Studios are technical storytellers and their website needs to showcase those talents. TBH Creative was able to create a website that shows off today's work while also being capable of handling the growth and future of Midwest Studios. 

First hired: 2008

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Uniquely customized content management

The staff at Midwest Studios are savvy enough to handle some additional behind the scenes controls for their website. So we truly stretched the limits of our CMS solution increasing its functionality and client control. Midwest Studios now has the ability to add core page elements, control visuals and create microsites - a feature they use extensively for their client portfolios.

Stronger marketing showcase

Midwest Studios has an impressive portfolio and needed a better way to communicate that to their prospective clients. The new website gives them a variety of ways to show off their work and does so in a bigger, more exciting fashion. The goal was to make viewers says "wow" and the end result is a much bigger first impression.

Improved communication

The new site more accurately shares what Midwest Studios is all about and, with its array of content management tools, is easy to keep updated and correct. First month stats show that visitors are responding to the new content. On average, people are spending over 5 minutes per visit and looking at a good number of pages while on the site.

The strongest benefit to working with TBH Creative is Tatum herself! She has been incredible and unbelievably flexible with us over the years. We truly appreciate the willingness of Tatum and her whole team to evolve with us.

Katie Hennessey, Multimedia Specialist
Katie Hennessey
Multimedia Specialist

About Midwest Studios

Since 1987, Midwest has helped clients around the world bring their ideas to life, their visions to reality, their messages to market. Building museum exhibits, visitor centers, architectural models, computer animations, interactive prototypes and more to help their clients communicate concepts and make those concepts a reality.