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Web design and digital marketing

Dramatic shift in design improves lead generation

From the very first website strategy session, TBH Creative and OrthoIndy developed a bold plan to create a modern, completely new website for the provider of comprehensive patient-centered bone, joint, spine and muscle care.

With Phase I of the new website design launched in July 2017, we began a strategic marketing focus on inbound marketing to build content offers, optimize landing pages, and drive more leads through website as well as nurturing existing patients.

First hired: 2016

Hospital and Clinics Locations Page Hospital and Clinics Locations Page
Physicians Directory Page Physicians Directory Page
Specialties Page Specialties Page
Physician Microsite Example Physician Microsite Example

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Blog Design

For OrthoIndy’s audience, storytelling and information sharing were vital tools to educate and reassure through marketing. We upgraded their blog design to allow more flexibility for content types, such as images or videos, and applied styles to make it easier for the client to create blog posts that were consistent and branded.

OrthoIndy Blog Design Example

Video Module | Design Elements

Video storytelling was an important piece to incorporate into the website design seamlessly. We created a full width video module tool that allows the OrthoIndy team to easily add, update, and swap video placement on their website.

Persona Development | Marketing Strategy

We did audience persona research to learn more about key targets for OrthoIndy. While developing content and design elements for their digital marketing campaigns, we used  persona research to define ideas and ensure messaging was focused on the need of their primary markets. For our initial digital marketing work together, we focused on these three audience targets:

Soccer Mom Stacie

Soccer Mom Stacie

Complex Carrie

Complex Carrie

Procrastinator Pam

Procrastinator Pam

Back pain is not normal | Inbound marketing campaign

We kicked off OrthoIndy's first inbound marketing campaign to promote their spine, neck, and back services. The campaign included content creation and design/development of downloadable content offers, case studies, blog posts, social media ads, landing pages, email workflows, CTA graphics and more, including:

Campaign launched January 2018; results pending.

OrthoIndy Content Offer Sample
Email Marketing with TBH Creative

Email Design

As part of our general setup inbound strategies and campaign promotion, we designed custom email templates for OrthoIndy’s email messaging. We utilized brand elements and strategically incorporated Call-to-Action, made recommendations for subject line and content, and fully tested the emails during campaign set up. Initial email campaigns included:

  • Contact segmentation survey
  • Event announcement
  • Automated blog distribution
  • Automated emails for OrthoIndy’s Back Pain campaign

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80%? increase in appointment request form submissions within 90 days

In the first 90 days after re-launching the new website and with no new promotion activities (yet), OrthoIndy saw an 80% in increase in appointment request form submissions on the new website.

TBH Creative is such a great company to work with for web based solutions. They didn’t just design a pretty website (and they did design a beautiful site). TBH got to know our business and goals, and they helped build a strategy to ensure that our website was another marketing tool to help us gain customers and build relationships. I have worked with a lot of web vendors over the years, and no one compares to TBH.

Kasey Prickel
Kasey Prickel
Director of Marketing

About OrthoIndy (draft)

OrthoIndy is one of the most highly-respected orthopedic practices in the Midwest. OrthoIndy provides leading-edge bone, joint, spine, and muscle care from multiple locations throughout central Indiana.