Tri Green Tractor

Responsive Design & Development

Enhancing corporate image and reaching a new target market

Tri Green Tractor came to TBH Creative with a common problem: an outdated website that was not effectively communicating with their audience. Instead of supporting their brand and sales efforts, the website was detracting from their work. Tri Green Tractor had started to attract a new audience that wasn’t just regional to their locations - farmers from across the country searching for used equipment from Central Indiana because the quality of the soil produces less wear and tear on machines. The website needed to be upgraded to better meet the needs of this target market. Our goals were to attract new customers, better communicate the depth and quality of their products and emphasize their location, knowledge and service as key differentiators.

First hired: 2014

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New messages talk to customers near and far

From the home page it is clear that Tri Green Tractors offers machines to customers in and outside of the state of Indiana. Their location is an important differentiator in this market and we played that up with a map and strong statement on the home page header graphic.

Enhanced corporate image

The new website clearly shows that Tri Green Tractor is at the forefront of agricultural machines and technology. With more prominent product display and more functionality to keep the site updated, the new website acts as a much stronger marketing tool for Tri Green.

Better presentation of products

The new site presents the recognizable, high quality brand names carried by Tri Green Tractors. It also clearly displays search tools for used machines and helps customers get to the information they want to see faster.

About Tri Green Tractor

Tri Green Tractor was formed in 2011 from three existing John Deere dealerships in Central Indiana. Today they offer over 150 years of combined experience in tractors, lawn & garden machines, commercial worksite machines and precision agriculture. Tri Green Tractor’s staff and leadership stays informed on cutting-edge agricultural products and needs to offer their customers the best experience and the highest quality products.