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New marketing ideas attract new patients

Illinois Bone & Joint Institute hired TBH Creative to help them stand out in Chicago’s competitive orthopedic provider marketplace. They needed help creating a strategic plan bolstered with fresh marketing ideas to fix user experience and tech debt issues left over from previous efforts.

Within our partnership so far, we have initiated paid campaigns to promote targeted service lines, established reporting systems and captured baseline metrics, created four comprehensive service line campaigns, and designed a new website that serves as a conversion hub. Our experts also audited their website content, trained their internal team on SEO best practices, rewrote and expanded top level service pages, and optimized historical content for search engines.

Marketing goals—

  • Develop foundational assets for integrated marketing campaigns
  • Create new traffic-generating resources
  • Lead marketing automation strategy and execution
  • Manage paid advertising campaigns
  • Establish sophisticated reporting to guide activities and show ROI
  • Fix website technical debt issues
  • Optimize website service pages for greater conversions
  • Design new page layouts for a streamlined patient experience


At the time of writing, we are entering into year four of the partnership. Here is a snapshot of the progress so far:

  • Year over year increase in online appointment requests with 35% increase the first year, 101% increase in the second year, and 25% increase in the third year
  • 300% increase in calls per month

4x Gold Aster Award winner; 1x Silver Aster Award winner


  • Analytic Reporting
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Design
  • Web Design & Development
  • Web Development
  • Web Strategy

Tell us about your project.

Collage of IBJI web pages and persona preview

How do you prioritize (and where do you start) when everything needs work?


The IBJI marketing team reached out to TBH Creative under duress and had stopped all advertising due to wasted spend and lack of results. Without a strategic plan and reporting to help guide advertising efforts, they were “putting out fires”. IBJI knew there were things to fix and foundational assets to create. They needed support and a new approach.


TBH Creative started by auditing all of IBJI’s existing marketing materials, researching the competition, and talking to stakeholders about priorities and patients about their needs. Then, we worked with IBJI to develop a three year plan to promote their top service lines and opportunities, all within the defined budget. The strategy included completing upfront work to fix critical issues and “quick wins,” setting up reporting systems and establishing baselines, and preparing for longer-term plans. We worked side-by-side with IBJI’s internal team, and we split the workload to complete the objectives.

IBJI content offer sample – knee pain guide
hip area on a xray
person holding hip in pain
IBJI location page on mobile screen
IBJI logo watermark

How do you get patients to make an appointment?


Every patient is different. Sometimes people have injuries that require immediate care. Other times folks live with pain and delay getting treatment. We developed a flexible marketing strategy—based on persona research—to reach (and help!) individuals, no matter where they are in their patient journeys.

IBJI Facebook Ad – Avoid the ER – family
IBJI Facebook Ad – Avoid the ER – worker
IBJI Facebook Ad – Avoid the ER – children
IBJI Facebook Ad – Avoid the ER – elderly
IBJI Facebook Ad – Avoid the ER – winter
IBJI Facebook Ad – Avoid the ER – physician
IBJI Facebook Ad – Avoid the ER – youth basketball
IBJI Facebook Ad – Avoid the ER – youth hockey
IBJI appointment web page design


TBH Creative helped IBJI establish paid advertising to promote their OrthoAccess locations that provide care to people with injuries and other acute conditions. For chronic pain treatments, we worked with IBJI to plan and execute comprehensive campaigns for the orthopedic practice’s top service lines. Our work included search engine optimization and inbound strategies, as well as the development of assets to support patients, including:

  • blog posts
  • pillar pages
  • downloadable content
  • marketing automation
  • email nurturing
  • advertising


  • Double impressions, clicks, and contacts at a lower cost per click with an 80% ad spend increase in 2022 
  • 300% increase in monthly calls to office locations
  • 41% average email open rate and 22% click-through-rate for all automated nurturing emails
  • 28% landing page conversion rate across campaigns

The national average healthcare metrics for emails is 23% open rate and 5% click-through-rate. The national average healthcare metrics for landing page conversion rate is 6%.

When you have a well-established patient base, how do you talk about a merger?


IBJI’s nationally-renowed group of surgeons has served the Chicagoland area for over 70 years. The practice’s growth model includes the acquisition of established and reputable smaller orthopedic groups in the Chicagoland area. As part of this plan, Hinsdale Orthopedics became part of IBJI in 2020, and the communication to patients about the merger required care, consideration, and clarity.


The solution took time, coordination, and lots of communication. The first step in the process involved adding all of Hinsdale Orthopedics’ providers and locations into the IBJI website. Beyond in-office communication, signage, and other touchpoints at the business level, TBH Creative helped IBJI use social media to build brand awareness about the merger with Hinsdale Orthopedics’ current patients and the local community.

Additional work to establish domain authority and integrate Hinsdale Orthopedics’ resources into the main IBJI website are in our plans to tackle next.

IBJI Facebook Ad – Introducing Hinsdale location
IBJI Facebook Ad – Services – Hip & Knee
IBJI Facebook Ad – Services – Shoulder & Elbow
IBJI Facebook Ad – Services – Back & Neck
IBJI Facebook Ad – Services – Hand & Wrist
IBJI Facebook Ad – Services – Foot & Ankle
IBJI Facebook Ad – Services – Hinsdale location
IBJI Facebook Ad – Services – Hinsdale now part of IBJI

How do you fix major tech debt and improve user experience on a budget?


When TBH Creative started to work with Illinois Bone & Joint Institute, its website was still relatively new, but when we took over its management, our developers noticed critical issues with the build. New bugs were identified monthly and the core plug-in that the IBJI site was developed on was no longer being updated or supported. Additionally, our team noticed a significant drop in organic traffic with the release of Google’s 2021 core web vital search engine optimization ranking factor.

IBJI website services page tablet preview

IBJI’s website needed work to ensure everything kept stable while its upgraded website was developed to address core functionality problems and other critical issues.

  • Vulnerable technical infrastructure
  • Hard-to-use pages not designed for mobile
  • Slow-loading web pages
  • Poor web core vital scores
  • Weak, incomplete page content


TBH Creative’s content work on the website included creating mobile first designs for key pages, restructuring the confusing resource system, improving the layout of physician profiles, and rewriting (and expanding) top-level service line pages.

On the technical side, our website work included recoding the site to remove tech debt and problematic plug-in dependency, as well as improving speed, incorporating accessibility best practices, and developing new responsive layouts.

IBJI’s site launched in late September 2022. To date, all analytic base metrics are up (with increases of 10% or more across the board) compared to all periods of the former versions of the site.


  • No bugs since the site’s “go live”
  • Launched the project on time and on budget
  • Improved all core vital scores
  • Reduced website load times by 50%
  • Reduced plug-in usage and dependency by 65%

Making additional feature improvements and creating deeper content assets are the next priorities.

IBJI home page mobile web design
IBJI website home page before updated design
IBJI home page web design
Hip pain campaign pillar page
Physician bio page
Location detail page
News & patient stories list page
OrthoAccess landing page

“We’ve really come to fully trust the TBH Creative team, their recommendations, and their overall strategies when it comes to our digital campaign initiatives. They’ve taken the time to get to know IBJI, as well as our distinct challenges and objectives, to craft campaigns that are not only based on best-practice knowledge but also fine-tuned to get the best results with our specific targets in our region.”

maggie sketch headshot
Maggie Sketch, Former Senior Marketing Manager

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IBJI’s physicians help patients in and around Chicago move better and live better using the most cutting-edge technologies and modern orthopedic techniques.