Indiana University Public Policy Institute

The results

Updated design
The new color palette and design flow give the Institute a fresher and more professional look. Pictures were selected to communicate their ties to the state of Indiana. Menus were designed to help access information more quickly. Flexibility was built in to allow the Institute to promote their activities with words, pictures, and videos.
Easy access to information
From a search box that is present on every page to a new mega menu that displays additional search options, the new site brings IUPPI's information to the forefront. Users can now access the Institute's collection of information using robust search tools, key research areas, or links added to actual services conducted on key project pages.
Stronger communication
Research is now presented in a consistent format with summary information available up front and quick links to full reports. TBH Creative also designed a home page that communicates key projects in all research areas to highlight the breadth and depth of work provided by IUPPI.
  • I honestly loved the TBH team. I think you were on the ball, forecasted future needs and were always listening. The energy that you (as an individual) bring out in these planning sessions invigorates and inspires the client as to what the future brings. I felt very comfortable with you and had complete faith/trust in your whole team. I really liked having Barb on board for some of the initial planning as well. It has been a roller coaster and a long ride, but the end results are getting rave reviews. I couldn’t be more pleased. You are just what your name says “creative”.

    Charity Ely, Chief Administrative Officer

    Charity Ely Chief Administrative Officer

    Indiana University Public Policy Institute

About Indiana University Public Policy Institute

The IU Public Policy Institute delivers unbiased research and data-driven, objective, expert analysis to help public, private and nonprofit sectors make important decisions that directly impact quality of life in Indiana and throughout the nation.