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The results

More intuitive site architecture and usability
TBH Creative works closely with Northpoint’s team to ensure their content is easy to use and find. After reviewing site traffic patterns, TBH redefined the main content hierarchy and naming to better serve its audience—parents.
Improved graphics and highlighted key messages
Before working with TBH, the Northpoint website organization was jumbled, main services were not highlighted, and design styles changed from page to page. After a page-by-page analysis, TBH recommended a full redesign. The updated site has consistent styling, focuses on key differentiators, and improves the main landing page graphic appeal.
Inbound marketing campaign
TBH Creative develops a rotating quarterly editorial calendar that drives Northpoint's inbound marketing initiatives. Our marketing activities include blog writing, downloadable content development for offers, email marketing, social media promotions and related website calls to action. Together these initiatives have increased the number of leads from the website in just the first quarter of the campaign.
  • It has been a pleasure working with TBH Creative. They have worked closely with us to give our website a fresh new look with increased functionality. TBH is detailed oriented, conscientious and an excellent listener and communicator. I highly recommend TBH as a trusted web strategist.

    Linda Kortanek, Executive Practice Director

    Linda Kortanek Executive Practice Director

    Northpoint Pediatrics

About Northpoint Pediatrics

Northpoint Pediatrics is a health care provider for children with two offices located in Castleton and Noblesville.