New Song Mission
New Song Mission

The results

Purpose-Driven and Targeted Design
Immediately after launch New Song Mission heard from supporters and volunteers who loved the new site design and felt it did a much better job connecting with their audience.
Easier to Manage
The office staff has reaped immediate benefits as well and appreciates how much easier it is to update the site and make sure it is always communicating current information.
Responsive Design
The old site was not mobile-enabled and was difficult to read on a mobile device or tablet. The new site reaches the New Song Mission audience no matter what device they use to connect.
  • We absolutely love the new website. It’s very contemporary, clean, and robust. We are already getting positive results from some of our supporters and the site was only launched this week. We also love the functionality of the CMS—our Office Manager feels like it’s going to be very user friendly, which is important to me. The TBH team was extremely easy to work with. We appreciated very much how they readily incorporated our ideas and thoughts into the website design. And we’re thankful for their patience with us, and how the gently pushed us along to get things done on our end. Finally, the TBH team was very conscientious—you could tell that creating a great web site was really important to them. 

    Robert Schloss, Founder and Executive Director

    Robert Schloss Founder and Executive Director

    New Song Mission

About New Song Mission

New Song Mission, a 501 (c)(3) non profit Christian ministry, is a children's home campus unlike any other in the State of Indiana. Located in the scenic hills of Brown County, our purpose is to rebuild the lives of fatherless, neglected, and impoverished children so that they will feel loved and become equipped to fulfill God's wonderful purpose for their lives.