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The results

Improved traffic statistics and time spent on the website
Before TBH Creative’s involvement, Kermans’ presence on search results with targeted keywords was non-existent. Today, they are on page one for their top 10 targeted search terms. Regular new content and helpful videos helps hold their search engine optimization rank position and interest users to spend more time on the site.
Inbound marketing
In addition to our social media work for Kermans that drives traffic and increases their online presence by leveraging social media profiles, TBH Creative has developed a blogging initiative for Kermans. Our ghost-writing has allowed them to publish 8 blog articles monthly, increasing site traffic through improved search engine rank position and improved local authority in the industry. In 2013, TBH Creative produced a series of helpful flooring videos that have been valuable content in their digital footprint. We also began a content marketing strategy in 2015 that has brought in valuable leads for new business and also increased the email subscriber list.
Kermans Flooring Carpet 101 video preview Kermans Flooring Hardwood Flooring Tips video preview Kermans Flooring Carpet Care tips video preview
Carrying the brand beyond the Internet
Once known as the provider of luxury area rugs for a high-end market, Kermans wanted to redefine itself as a provider of high quality flooring for all budgets. TBH worked strategically with Kermans to develop their tagline, strengthen the brand guidelines, and build definition for their campaign “The Kermans Advantage” through both online and in traditional marketing. TBH recently worked with Kermans to develop collateral pieces to support the brand.
  • As a company who uses the services of TBH Creative, I can highly endorse their abilities. Initially hired to do Web Page design and development, they go above and beyond with providing solutions that help my company increase business. They use the latest techniques with products like Google Analytics to analyze and track Web Page activity and meet monthly to review marketing strategies which apply in a constantly changing environment. 

    Their greatest asset is in building a partnership relation with me and my company. They understand my needs and are willing to work as a part of my company not just a provider for my company. I constantly use them to consult with my sales team on affectively using today’s techniques to get the greatest return on their effort. They assist with email marketing, blogging, search engine optimization, video production, as well as development with printed materials.

    They truly are a unique company who employ a number of extremely talented people who genuinely care about my company’s success. In today’s competitive atmosphere, they stand apart. 

    Dave Amsler, Co-Owner

    Dave Amsler Co-Owner

    Kermans Flooring

About Kermans Flooring

Since 1921, Kermans Flooring has offered the Indianapolis area high quality carpet, area rugs, tile, and hardwoods.