Barb has worked online since there was such a thing. Back in 1995 one of her first responsibilities was traveling the country, giving speeches teaching people how to use the Internet, most likely with an AOL dial-up connection. She has been responsible for all facets of marketing, publishing, and content creation. Today she uses those skills to manage development projects, organize websites, and create and edit content.

What to expect when working with Barb

Before the end of your first call, she will probably want to talk about next steps. She keeps everyone, including herself, on task. Barb understands the big picture. Whether she’s helping write new site headlines or coming up with all new content, she always has your goals and your audience’s needs in mind. “One of the things I like best about my job is the chance to put on a different hat for each audience persona. I don’t organize or write a website for me. I create it for your audience.”


  • Elkhart, IN
  • Chai tea
  • Pizza & salad
  • Road trip to Yellowstone
  • Reading, running, triathlon
  • Three kids & a husband
Name one thing you wish clients already knew or understood.

I wish people understood that they aren’t the only ones who have a hard time finding time to work on their web project. That’s why we’re here. We are your dedicated Internet design and marketing team.

What’s your favorite color and why?

Orange. I think because it’s such a vibrant color and full of energy, two qualities I need in my busy, active life.

What do you do when you’re not sitting in front of a computer?

I’m a runner and a triathlete so I try to get in some training every day. Beyond that, most of my time is used up with three kids and their many activities. If I’m lucky, I get to end the day with a few moments of quiet and a good book.