Don't just take our word for it.

While we like to think our projects speak for themselves, it's nice to hear from the organizations that use our solutions every day. 

  • When I started the design project with TBH Creative, all I knew was that I didn't like my current site and wanted something better and different.  TBH was able to take that broad statement and translate it into a design that was modern and fresh but still appropriate for my type of business.  TBH proved to be both talented in design and diligent in project management.  The combination of these skills led to a new website that I am extremely proud of.  Tatum and her team were a joy to work with and I look forward to working with them again on our next project.

    Jimmy Rayford, Chief Commercial Officer

    Jimmy Rayford Chief Commercial Officer

    Strategic Materials

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  • We absolutely love the new website. It’s very contemporary, clean, and robust. We are already getting positive results from some of our supporters and the site was only launched this week. We also love the functionality of the CMS—our Office Manager feels like it’s going to be very user friendly, which is important to me. The TBH team was extremely easy to work with. We appreciated very much how they readily incorporated our ideas and thoughts into the website design. And we’re thankful for their patience with us, and how the gently pushed us along to get things done on our end. Finally, the TBH team was very conscientious—you could tell that creating a great web site was really important to them. 

    Robert Schloss, Founder and Executive Director

    Robert Schloss Founder and Executive Director

    New Song Mission

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  • As a company who uses the services of TBH Creative, I can highly endorse their abilities. Initially hired to do Web Page design and development, they go above and beyond with providing solutions that help my company increase business. They use the latest techniques with products like Google Analytics to analyze and track Web Page activity and meet monthly to review marketing strategies which apply in a constantly changing environment. 

    Their greatest asset is in building a partnership relation with me and my company. They understand my needs and are willing to work as a part of my company not just a provider for my company. I constantly use them to consult with my sales team on affectively using today’s techniques to get the greatest return on their effort. They assist with email marketing, blogging, search engine optimization, video production, as well as development with printed materials.

    They truly are a unique company who employ a number of extremely talented people who genuinely care about my company’s success. In today’s competitive atmosphere, they stand apart. 

    Dave Amsler, Co-Owner

    Dave Amsler Co-Owner

    Kermans Flooring

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  • I have appreciated TBH Creative's expertise and guidance as we have navigated through a website redesign at Logansport Memorial Hospital. Their team is knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and very creative. I trust their work and opinions on any website endeavor that we pursue, and I look forward to partnering with them for many years to come.

    Carmen Danhauser, Marketing Coordinator

    Carmen Danhauser Marketing Coordinator

    Logansport Memorial Hospital

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  • The Megan S. Ott foundation is fortunate to have found TBH Creative.  With the knowledge, guidance, and support from TBH Creative team we have been able to build our on-line presence. Not only do they host our website, but they give thought, detail, and input into our content and everything that goes into our website making sure we get the maximum exposure.  The team could not be easier to work with and they seem to always want to help in any way possible which is hard to find.  We are honored to work with TBH Creative and look forward to working with them for years to come.

    Nicole Carnahan

    Nicole Carnahan

    Megan S. Ott Foundation

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  • It has been a pleasure working with TBH Creative. They have worked closely with us to give our website a fresh new look with increased functionality. TBH is detailed oriented, conscientious and an excellent listener and communicator. I highly recommend TBH as a trusted web strategist.

    Linda Kortanek, Executive Practice Director

    Linda Kortanek Executive Practice Director

    Northpoint Pediatrics

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  • From the detail in the original proposal to project tracking and finally launch, TBH was very thorough, professional and easy to work with.  Our business is pretty complicated and hard for those not in our industry to understand.  Having said that, TBH picked up what we wanted to communicate very quickly. The final product not only met but exceeded our expectations.

    Greg Lyon Executive Vice President

    Aircom Manufacturing

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  • The strongest benefit to working with TBH Creative is Tatum herself! She has been incredible and unbelievably flexible with us over the years. We truly appreciate the willingness of Tatum and her whole team to evolve with us.

    Katie Hennessey, Multimedia Specialist

    Katie Hennessey Multimedia Specialist

    Midwest Studios

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  • The team at TBH Creative were fantastic, they were patient, articulate and engaged throughout the entire project. Our new website was a major improvement from our previous iteration. They listened, offered up suggestions and made sure we walked away with a site that was creative, clean, SEO ready and representative of our technological prowess. TBH Creative has a great group of highly skilled and focused creative professionals.

    Dennis Mangalindan, Vice President

    Dennis Mangalindan Vice President

    Archway Technology Partners

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  • Indigo BioAutomation had developed their first two websites using in-house personnel.  The sites were generally well received and functional, and reflected the start-up nature of the company at the time: a blending of the company identity and its product(s).  As the company evolved, however, we felt there was a need for a more holistically and professionally designed website, which provided brand identity for the company as well as clear and actionable information on its products.  After investigating a number of other local companies, we decided on TBH Creative.  TBH’s experience and expertise have been invaluable in bringing our goals to life. 

    Starting from our very first meetings, the TBH Creative team were extremely engaged and interested in understanding the messages we wanted to communicate, and provided several different concepts for us to evaluate.  After deciding on a particular design style, TBH worked efficiently to lay down the framework, and made sure that we had ample opportunity to contribute content; they were also able to help us ‘tune’ our language for more effective communication.  The content management systems (CMS) that TBH provides, which allows us to directly edit the website ourselves, is powerful and easy to use; it was a great aid in working collaboratively with our in-house personnel as well as TBH.

    As is sometimes the case, we had a bit of urgency in the last few weeks before ‘going live’ – we had an important conference where we wanted to make a big impact, and announce the company name change.  Here, too, the TBH staff really helped us get everything ready, working with some compressed deadlines and final fit-and-finish details.  The new website was launched exactly when we needed it to be, and so far, it has received rave reviews from both our internal stakeholders as well as customers.  We credit TBH and its professionalism with helping us launch a website whose style and content align very well with our business goals.

    Jim Edwards, VP of Product Management

    Jim Edwards VP of Product Management

    Indigo BioAutomation

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  • TBH Creative's team was great to work with for the Indy Connect website. Tatum is detailed oriented and gets the job done right, on-time, and on budget. They continually bring great ideas, insights, and suggestions to enhance the website usability and content. With TBH you aren’t just getting a web designer, but a partner in developing your brand, image, and key communication tool with your constituents or customers. Additionally, TBH provides exceptional customer service when you need that last minute change or have any kind of issue. I can’t speak highly enough of TBH.

    Sean White, Marketing Coordinator for Indy Connect

    Sean White Marketing Coordinator for Indy Connect

    Indy Connect

  • The TBH team provided top-flight design services with back-end options uniquely suited to our needs. It’s rare to find a vendor with such technical skills, creative talent and customer-facing service. I felt they were trying hard to understand who we are and what would serve us best in the future—and they delivered. We’ve been very pleased through the whole process and would be happy to recommend TBH Creative to anyone looking for an innovative, adept, responsive approach to website design.

    Ron Gifford, CEO

    Ron Gifford CEO

    Jump IN for Healthy Kids

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  • We have benefited from the services of TBH creative for over a decade. The team has created our web presence and has informed us regarding the functions our website can offer. We feel that the creative people from TBH have held our hand to compose a friendly public face for our practice. We give TBH Creative our highest endorsement.

    Dr. Daniel B. Hurwich, Gastroenterologist

    Dr. Daniel B. Hurwich Gastroenterologist

    Internal Medicine Associates

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  • After I sent a request to TBH Creative for pricing on a new company website, they were quick to respond and to understand what was driving the desire for a new site and what we wanted to accomplish. The presentation and proposal then addressed all of our requirements. Out of all the proposals we received for this project, TBH Creative's was the only one that made me confident that they understood what we wanted to do, had addressed how they would satisfy our requirements, had a process in place to control the project, and would be good to work with. 

    The site design process and the end product definitely lived up to our expectations; and TBH Creative were great to work with. The site is exactly what we needed and we have gotten a lot of very positive feedback from our customers and business partners. I have no doubt we made the right decision.

    Angela Childs, Director, Professional Services

    Angela Childs Director, Professional Services

    Imaging Office Systems

  • Tatum and her group’s approach to design and development made the project feel doable. We were making some dramatic changes in style and they struck a nice balance between showing us what we needed to do and providing options for what we could do. We were pleased with the work TBH did for us previously, but the work on this project is special.

    Brian Kopack, President

    Brian Kopack President

    Imaging Office Systems

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  • It is my distinct pleasure to share our positive experience working with TBH Creative.  We have worked with Tatum and her team for the past few years in the development and launch of our new website.  Throughout the entire site development process, Tatum guided us to stay on task in order to complete our successful project.  TBH helped us design a custom site with unique features found on very few medical provider websites. Our large library of clinical photographs has proven to be a very useful educational tool and before and after surgery photos of our patients have helped our patients become more comfortable with their planned eyelid and upper facial rejuvenation procedures.  Our new site is much more user-friendly and has enabled our referring doctors to interact more efficiently with our practice.  We look forward to continuing to work with TBH and further expanding our website to better serve our patients.

    Stephen R. Klapper, M.D., F.A.C.S., Physician

    Stephen R. Klapper, M.D., F.A.C.S. Physician

    Klapper Eyelid & Facial Plastic Surgery

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  • TBH Creative has helped RJE move to a new level with its website. The knowledge and experience TBH Creative brings to our team allows us to refine our message, gain exposure and maximize our effectiveness. When we hired TBH to assist us with our website we asked them to be our expert and challenge us. The RJE team members are not experts on web design but do know the message we want to send. TBH helped us craft our design to send that message and measure the results. I highly recommend TBH Creative.

    Denny Sponsel, President

    Denny Sponsel President

    RJE Business Interiors

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  • Over an 8 year period I had the pleasure of partnering with TBH Creative with two different organizations. TBH helped us build the brand for CIRTA and adapted our web and social media needs as the organization grew from 2 to 8 employees. Deploying CMS tools and engaging marketing services, TBH helped us build resources that could be managed by staff, saving us time and money over the years.

    Ehren T. Bingaman, Former Executive Director of CIRTA

    Ehren T. Bingaman Former Executive Director of CIRTA


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  • TBH Creative redesigned our practice website to be more functional for our patients and represent our brand. They continue to provide website upgrades as we need them and pro-actively make suggestions to keep the website current. My staff appreciates the excellent service they have provided over the years, and I would not hesitate to recommend TBH Creative to others who need an experienced and reliable website provider.

    Joseph Bikowski, Physician

    Joseph Bikowski Physician

    Bikowski Skin Care Center

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  • Like many PR firms/agencies, when it came to our own identity, we weren't as focused and diligent as we tell our clients to be. TBH Creative helped us focus on our objectives and create an identity and site that reflect both our new brand and our consistent mission. Their energy and creativity helped us arrive at a solution that is both beautifully functional and functionally beautiful. We're delighted.

    John Thomas, Partner

    John Thomas Partner


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  • TBH Creative has been an excellent partner to CareerXroads. They make sure our site works well for our audience and they help us keep tabs on enhancements for the future. 

    Mark Mehler, Co-Founder

    Mark Mehler Co-Founder


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  • Our web presence as an association has been greatly enhanced by TBH Creative. Not only does the company host our website, the staff goes above and beyond in helping us to provide content and increase the site’s functionality in an effort to better serve our members.

    Kate Vaulter, Director of Public Affairs

    Kate Vaulter Director of Public Affairs

    Indiana Health Care Association

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  • TBH Creative quickly understood our goals and developed creative ways to establish a website, all within budget. Their work was done on time and their communicating about progress helped the project merge with other projects.

    Jim Cullumber, Vice President

    Jim Cullumber Vice President

    Christian Church Foundation

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