Social Media Strategy

Interacting with your audience on all levels

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blogs, Pinterest are examples of social media that are taking on significant influence with their users. People use social media to connect and share information on a personal and professional level. If you don't have a presence on those services, it's time to investigate  the best fit for your organization and audience. If you do have a presence on those services, it's time to make sure they are part of a larger Internet strategic plan. 

Why you should participate:
  • The cost for entry is minimal.
  • Your current and potential customers are using it. 
  • Brand monitoring, listen, learn and react. 
  • Compete on an even playing field. 
  • Traditional websites alone won't cut it anymore. 

Social media is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website - and ultimately your business.

  • profile set up + education
  • social media planning
  • social content strategy
  • ghost posting
  • brand consistency across profiles