Site Success Manager

Site Success ManagerTM

Planning for the future and building online success

TBH Creative's ultimate goal is to help you build an effective Internet strategy based on research, goals, and available tools. We don’t stop with a website launch. We ask you to consider the importance of your entire online presence and understand that continual improvements are necessary for success. The potential for a substantial return on investment is evident and TBH Creative would like to proactively help you get there.

Analytic reporting

The more you know about your website, the better you can manage it. As with all marketing initiatives, measuring success (or failures) of your website is critical. Analytics and site statistics show you how well your site is performing so you can make educated decisions for change or additions.

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Email marketing

Email marketing campaigns are a good way to stay in touch with your clients and nicely complement an overall website strategy. Email newsletters and campaigns are also more cost-effective than traditional print marketing and give you powerful tracking tools. Whether you need a simple email template or a sophisticated email campaign with segmented messages, we have a service plan that will fit your needs.

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Social media set up and strategy

Social media gives your business an influential new tool to build relationships, learn about your customers and expand your website’s marketing power. Professionally social relationships have always been part of the day-to-day world of business and in today’s world, many of those relationships are happening on social media. The communication, referrals, and partnerships that arise from the correct use of social media often mean the success or failure of your business.

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Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization - commonly known as SEO - is a constantly moving target. Done well, it helps your site appear towards the top of search results on websites such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Done poorly and you may be better off having done nothing at all. We keep up on the latest search engine paradigms and can help you carefully consider plans that fit in your overall Internet marketing strategy.

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Video storytelling

Video content is attractive and dynamic. When you have a service or a testimonial or a story to tell, sometimes words aren’t enough. Bringing those examples to life through video can be extremely compelling to your audience. We know how to make that video work seamlessly on your website. We can even put you in touch with resources to create the video itself.

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Brand development

A strong and impactful brand is a first step to your marketing success. More than just a logo (though that’s important too), your corporate identity or brand will be with you longer than many other things in your company. The power of a strong brand is evident when you consider how many of them are household words: Kleenex (for tissues), Google (for search), Xerox (for photocopy), Q-tip (for cotton swab). We’ll help you define your brand and communicate it.

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Print collateral & graphic design

Complement your website with a brochure and other collateral. Well-crafted printed materials work with your website design and other online efforts to help you stand above your competition. Together print collateral and your online presence deliver a multifaceted message to your targeted audience. They also work together to make sure that your clients are taking advantage of all you have to offer – both online and off.

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Each Site Success Manager™ program is individually designed for your business goals and budget. Packages are flexible to changes based on results and business needs.

An effective website requires continual review and upgrades. We can help ensure results through a customized site success plan. Contact us to get started.